Spill Pallet RSPEN 1313 - 250 Safeway

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Specification of Spill Pallet RSPEN 1313 - 250 Safeway

Spill Pallet RSPEN 1313 - 250 Safeway

is a different pallet from Wood Pallet and Plastic Pallets generally. What distinguishes Spill Pallet is that it is made of plastic raw materials that have 2 parts consisting of a pallet-like Spill surface that can be called a "Spill Grate" to hold a load like a drum then a pallet shaped like a Plastic Container that can hold liquids called "Spill Deck" .

The spill pallet is intended for companies to have liquid storage in drums such as oil, oil, chemicals and other liquids so that the cleanliness of the warehouse is maintained and also prevents the possibility of liquid leakage from the drum.

There are 4 sizes of Indonesian Safeway Pallet Spill capacity

100 liters

312 Liters

525 liters

586 liters

For the size of Spill Pallet in Indonesian Safeway

660 x 1352 x 152 mm

1300 x 1300 x 200 mm

1300 x 1300 x 575 mm

1321 x 1321 x 432 mm

Spill Pallet is easy to store and clean up maintenance in the warehouse. One of the advantages of Spill Pallet is that it provides a liquid drain hole in the Spill Pallet to facilitate cleaning of liquids. Spill Pallet can be used by Forklifts, Hand Pallet and Stacker.

Indonesian Spill Safeway Pallet already has Environment Protection Act (EPA), Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Rules (SPCC), National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) and ISO 14001 standards. With the international standard Spill Pallet for passing tests of testing requirements controlling the leakage of Spill Grate and Spill deck and the standard feasibility of Plastic Pallet so that liquid spills do not cause hazardous waste in the warehousing environment or the environment.

The use of Spill Pallet can help various companies today such as pharmaceuticals that require the storage of chemical raw materials that are clean and do not store dust on the Spill Pallet. Spill pallet has the ease of storage by releasing "Spill Grate" and "Spill Deck" Pallet can be arranged into one place for the efficiency of your warehouse storage.

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